Moskvin S.V., Kisselev S.B.

Laser therapy for joint and muscle pain

Moskvin S.V., Kisselev S.B. 

Pain is a concept that is clinically and pathogenetically complex and heterogeneous. It varies in intensity, localization and subjective manifestations (shooting, pressing, pulsating, pricking, cutting, aching, etc.), can be permanent or periodic, which is largely due to localization and what causes it.

Some well-recognised types of pain include muscle or joint-muscle pain. An example of this type of pain is fibromyalgia, a rheumatic disease of unknown etiology, is characterized by generalized muscle weakness and painful palpation in limited areas of the body, designated as trigger points. Effective methods of treatment of patients with this disease have not yet been developed. Some medications allow the patient some form of short-term relief, however, even this is not always the case.

Using a complex approach, which involves a wide range of laser therapy methods, it allows the human body to restore itself and any abnormalities in the functioning of various organs and systems, which, as well as providing direct analgesia, ensures the elimination of the causes of the disease. In addition, laser therapy methods are simple and safe, and unlike analgesics do not cause side effects, as well as there being no contraindications. Laser illumination doesn’t only affect one link of the painful reception, but essentially the whole hierarchy of mechanisms in the appearance of pain. Due to this, the curative effect persists for a long period of time. This “versatility” predetermines the exceptional effectiveness of laser therapy, all while using adequate techniques and appropriate equipment. Laser therapeutic devices in the LASMIK series have a frequency of up to 10.000Hz, and a unique set of laser emitting attachments and nozzles. These are the most suitable for implementing methods of pain management.

The book is intended for specialists in rehabilitation, rheumatologists, traumatologists, general practitioners and physiotherapists.

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